NOENE ® is a DIAFARM brand. DIAFARM is a leader in the pharmaceutical sector and distributes brands such as Faringesic, Ricola, Colgate and Siken.


Diafarm originated from the Laboratorios Llenas company, founded in 1924. In the 1980s, it began to focus on the distribution of products to the pharmacy channel through its in-house commercial teams. With the construction of the logistics facilities in Barberà del Vallès in 1990, Diafarm consolidated its business volume and expanded its distribution channels. A decade later, the company embarked on an international expansion plan, as part of which it acquired the French laboratory, Phyto Actif, and the NOENE® brand, acquisitions that marked a significant step in terms of the international marketplace.


Diafarm markets leading brands such as Faringesic, Ricola, Colgate and Siken, focusing its strategy on seeking improvements in the areas of health and well-being, developed as part of a holistic approach with Nature at its core. With the objective of strengthening its positioning within the Natural segment, Diafarm focuses on establishing itself as a benchmark in terms of quality, honesty, good service and the development of enduring relationships with its customers, employees and shareholders.


Diafarm employs over 160 professionals, working to improve people’s health and well-being and committed to innovation and international expansion. A highly committed and qualified team that works tirelessly towards innovation and international projection.