7 April, 2017

Stretching circuit for after running

Training doesn’t end with your last stride. If you want to avoid suffering from some of the most common runner’s injuries, pain or overload, after running the number of kilometres you set out to cover you should perform a complete circuit of muscle stretching exercises.

All you need is 30 seconds on each exercise, and don’t forget to stretch all your muscles! Let’s begin with the exercise routine!

  • Neck: Gently tilt your head forward and then to both sides (left and right).


  • Triceps: Fold your right arm behind your head. Grab your elbow with your left hand to gently stretch your arm downward. Repeat the exercise with the left arm.


  • Calves: Rest just the front part of your foot on a step and let the heel drop. Tilt your body forward with your knees extended.


  • Hamstrings: Standing, raise one leg in front of you. Stretch out your hand toward your ankle and try to grab it (if you can’t, go as far as you can!). The other leg should be slightly bent. Repeat the exercise with the opposite let.


  • Quadriceps: Resting on something, grab your leg and bring your heel to your buttock by pulling with your hand. Your body should be upright and the knees together. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg.


  • Buttocks: Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Cross one leg over the thigh of the other and draw it close to your chest. Repeat the exercise on both legs.


  • Psoas: Place one leg forward with the sole of the foot on the ground and the knee bent, but don’t let the knee jut past your foot. Lengthen the other leg backwards until it touches the floor. Push your weight forward in order to stretch the psoas zone. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.