NOENE ® OPTIMUM-OFP2 insoles combine the properties of the NOENE ® material with the NEXUS Energy Source® fabric.
They are designed for extreme sports. These insoles are recommended for all types of sports.

As NOENE® is a viscoelastic* material:

  • It helps to reduce knee, leg and foot pain.
  • It reduces the incidence of tenosynovitis in the foot and Achilles tendinitis.
  • It reduces the incidence of certain injuries caused by lower limb overload.

* Bibliographic review of NOENE®


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The NOENE OPTIMUM-OFP2 insoles are unique and revolutionary. They help reduce the adverse effects of gravity on the joints. NOENE® OPTIMUM-OFP2 insoles combine the properties of the Noene® material with the NEXUS Energy Source® fabric.

NEXUS Energy Source® is a unique, high-tech fabric with antibacterial properties, consisting of ultrafine particles of platinum, titanium and aluminium. These noble metals provide the fabric with the capacity to emit infrared waves, which are easily and safely absorbed by the cells in the human body, providing beneficial effects for our bodies.

Approximately 60% of the human body is made up of water. The infrared waves cause the water molecules of the body to vibrate, thus stimulating the flow of blood and the oxygenation of the body’s tissues.

PROTECTION AND MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE This combination provides the following benefits:
● Improves oxygenation in the blood.
● Reduces muscle fatigue, aiding relaxation.
● Reduces the feeling of tiredness after a competition or training session.
NOENE® OPTIMUM-OFP2 insoles are highly recommended for athletes, since they help them to maintain the well-being of their feet for longer periods during competitions.
They are also particularly suitable for use following a competition or training session, when muscles need to recover quickly


These insoles are recommended for all types of sports, such as running, football, basketball, etc. They are also ideal for everyday work, for activities that involve walking or standing for long hours.




WIEGHT 13 grs

base with NEXUS
Energy Source®



NOENE® insoles absorb and disperse the harmful vibrations that are generated with every step we take to prevent them from causing damage to our bodies.

The results: they reduce joint stress and consequently prevent the appearance of problems later on.

The absorption of vibrations prevents them from being transmitted throughout our bodies. The results: reduced joint stress

Prevention of joint and muscle injuries and disorders (calcaneal spurs, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, etc.) derived from any physical activity in which shock waves are received as a result of the foot striking the ground.

By protecting the joints, they prevent discomfort derived from prolonged or intensive periods of activity, work or sports activity.

As a result, in terms of sport, NOENE® insoles help you improve your sports performance so you can enjoy your favourite pastime for longer periods. Used at work, they will help combat fatigue and, in your leisure time, NOENE will enable you to perform better.

NOENE® Insoles that absorb and dissipate impact, providing step stabilisation.

Claudio Caprari

Runner of Ultra-trials of more than 100 kilometres

I am a runner of Ultra-trials of more than 100 kilometres and I have felt a notable improvement since I have used NOENE running insoles. I also go out running with Darío, an autistic lad who has a lot of joint pain in his feet. Since he has used NOENE insoles under his orthopaedic ones he has not felt any pain, even after running races of up to 17 kilometres. We are very grateful to NOENE, who have helped us enjoy sport more! 

Xavier Vázquez

Qualified in Chiropody and Nursing

In my surgery, with the patients that come with joint pain, the use of NOENE in treatments has helped me reduce these pathologies and the painful symptoms they brought. So I can say, and confirm, that the use of NOENE in compression pathologies of the joints will help us improve or even avoid injuries and joint pains that could arise as a result of overload and over-effort of these joints.
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Rafa Zugasti

Official tester. Pro-am runner and track athlete.

I’ve faced tough races, with many kilometres in different stages and conditions, and any material that can help get my best performance and prevent future injuries or pain is extremely important. I discovered Noene and the opportunity came up to be an official tester for the brand. So, after trying it out, I decided to sign on for this task

Rafa Pérez


I consider myself very active and when I’m training I do between 500 and 650 kilometres per month, in addition to weekly races mainly on asphalt. I learned about NOENE in March 2016 and have used several models since then. I’m currently using the 1-mm insoles for competition and the 2-mm insoles for training. For now, I’m injury-free and continue racking up the kilometres. NOENE will be with me in all of my training sessions

José Navas


After nearly 45 kilometres on asphalt in training and 60 on trails, I’m totally convinced by the NOENE material. For asphalt, I recommend the INVISIBLE SOS1 and for trailrunning, the UNIVERSAL NO2. NOENE will help me keep my joints in good shape

Jordi Abadia

Long-distance trailrunner

On my quest to improve every day, I look for different training methods to push myself further, without forgetting that our joints pay the price for this mobility. This is why it is clearer to me every day and, to avoid any unexpected setbacks, I turn to NOENE