Who is it for Noene ®?

NOENE ® insoles are recommended for all ages and for all types of activity, and are especially useful for sportsmen and women. When practising intense or moderate sports, NOENE ® helps you prevent future discomfort and even avoid certain serious joint and muscular problems.


Sportsmen and women

In the practice of certain sports, problems associated with the repeated absorption of foot/ground impact are common.

A runner’s lower limbs are subjected to significant forces of tension, compression and torsion, which can lead to different types of foot injuries over time.

Sportsmen and women are very aware of the problems caused by putting their joints under repetitive strain. NOENE ® is a simple, effective and durable solution for professional and amateur sportspeople, as well as for those who participate in sports activities only occasionally.
NOENE ® insoles will help protect your joints, prevent injuries (calcaneal spurs, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, etc.), prevent discomfort and inflammation, better withstand muscle and joint tiredness and fatigue and, in short, IMPROVE PERFORMANCE and prevent premature ageing in joints.

NOENE ® sports insoles are particularly suitable for the practice of high-impact sports: running, athletics, trail running, football, tennis, etc., as well as extreme or resistance sports specialities, such as Ironman, triathlon, ultra trail, etc.

They are very thin and light (just a few millimetres thick) and can be worn in combination with orthopaedic or custom insoles as a result of the complementary function they provide.

Hikers and ramblers

Hiking allows you to get closer to nature, discover unspoilt countryside and appreciate natural landscapes while partaking in some moderate exercise, free from any sense of competition beyond the satisfaction of reaching a summit, a river, or climbing higher for a better view.

A day’s walking, however, even at a leisurely pace, affects our joints, with the continued impact of our feet striking the ground. The vibrations generated transmit harmful effects from the ankles to the neck, causing microtraumas that, in turn, may lead to: talalgia (acute heel pain), periostitis (inflammation of the periosteum or the membrane covering the bone), stress fractures, joint pain in feet, knees, hips, back and, also, at the base of the skull.

NOENE ® insoles are made using an innovative material, capable of absorbing and subsequently dissipating the shock waves that are produced with each step. They prevent the transmission of the negative vibrations that are generated through foot/ground impact.

Regular use protects your joints, preventing possible injuries, providing better resistance to muscle and joint fatigue, preventing pain derived from intensive or prolonged periods of activity. Obtaining, as a result, a better quality of life so that you are able to make the most of your free time

NOENE ® insoles are incredibly thin and lightweight, just a few millimetres thick, allowing you to use them in any type of footwear designed for trekking, hiking and outdoor activities, as well as in climbing boots for mountaineering.