Why use NOENE ®?

NOENE® insoles are suitable for people of any age or level of fitness and for any area of use: WORK, SPORTS AND LEISURE RUNNING, TRAIL RUNNING, FOOTBALL, TENNIS, EXTREME SPORTS, HIKING, RAMBLING, AT WORK...


We are affected by the shock waves we receive as our foot strikes the ground at any time of the day and during any kind of physical activity.

The vibrations from these shock waves, when intense, prolonged or frequent, create microtraumas that, if the joints are not adequately protected, eventually cause pain and inflammation that can lead to a variety of joint or muscle disorders (calcaneal spurs, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, etc.).


Problems arising from the repeated absorption of impacts on the joints during the practice of certain sports are commonplace.NOENE ® is a simple, effective and lasting solution for professional and amateur sportsmen and women as well as for those who only practise sports occasionally.


  • Reduced levels of tiredness and fatigue in muscles and joints following competitions and training.
  • Joint and muscle injury prevention (calcaneal spurs, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, etc.).
  • Prevention of pain and inflammation resulting from prolonged or intensive training sessions or resistance sports competitions.
  • Resulting in improved sports performance.

NOENE® sports solutions

  • Sports insoles for the practice of high-impact sports: running, football, tennis, etc.
  • Insoles for running, trail running, athletics, etc.
  • Insoles for Ironman, triathlon, ultra trail and other extreme and resistance sports specialties


Waiters, nurses, firefighters, police officers, sales representatives, military and operational personnel, and numerous other professionals, walk several kilometres every day while at work without being aware of it, until they start to experience the discomfort and problems caused by the impact of their feet striking the hard ground. NOENE ® insoles will help you keep up with the pace of your daily work schedule.


  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue in muscles and joints both during and after a long day at work.
  • Prevent muscle and joint pain derived from prolonged or intensive periods of standing and walking at work.
  • Prevention of occupational joint and muscle injuries.
  • Resulting in improved quality of working life.

NOENE ® insoles for well-being at work

  • Insoles for work boots and specialist work footwear.
  • Insoles for those always on their feet at work.
  • Comfortable insoles for long days at work


For activities related to your favourite pastime: hiking, sightseeing, shopping or playing with your kids, you can protect your joints with NOENE ® insoles, suitable for both urban footwear and sports shoes.


  • Reduced levels of tiredness and fatigue in muscles and joints, both during and after a day of your favourite activity.
  • Prevent muscular and joint pain derived from intensive or prolonged periods of activity.
  • Prevention of joint and muscular injuries.
  • Resulting in improved quality of life so that you can make the most of your free time.

NOENE ® leisure activity solutions

Barely a few millimetres thick, they are very thin and light, making them suitable for wearing with any type of footwear, whether sports or casual.

  • Insoles for trekking, hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Insoles for climbing boots and for mountaineering
  • Insoles for high-heeled shoes and any type of footwear.