Why Noene

Who we think about

NOENE® is the answer to protection needs that change according to the activity performed, the type of footwear worn, and the equipment one chooses to use.
NOENE® is designed for those who want to protect themselves from shock and vibration and wish to prevent or alleviate joint disorders.


Enjoy your sport activity with NOENE®

In many sports, it is common to see disorders emerge from the continuous absorption of shocks by the joints.

The SPORT NOENE® line is a simple, effective and durable solution for professionals, amateurs and even occasional athletes.

NOENE ® solutions for sports

  • Insoles for endurance sports such as marathons, Ironman, triathlons, ultra trails, Nordic walking, and more
  • Insoles for running, trail running, athletics, and more
  • Insoles for dynamic sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and more
  • Undergrip for padel, tennis, beach tennis, and biking sports.

Enjoy your daily activity with NOENE®

For activities related to your favourite hobby: hiking, tourism, shopping, and more, you can protect your joints with the products of the DAILY NOENE ® line for elegant shoes or sneakers.

NOENE® solutions for daily activities

They are very thin and light, with a thickness of just a few millimetres and allow you to use them with any sport shoe or casual shoe.

  • Insoles for walking and outdoor activities.
  • Insoles for daily activities and work.
  • Heels for daily activities and work.

Enjoy an active work with NOENE®

Every day on long working days, waiters, nurses, firemen, policemen, salesmen, military personnel, factory workers and many other professionals walk several kilometres without even noticing it, until the pain and discomfort caused by the impact of the foot on the ground starts. WORK NOENE ® insoles help you maintain your daily work pace.

NOENE® solutions for well-being at work

Shocks and vibrations caused by impact with the ground can generate joint fatigue (foot, knee, hip, back, hand, wrist, elbow, etc.).

  • Insoles for safety shoes
  • Insoles for professional activities for those who spend many hours on their feet.

Endless applications

Enjoy your daily activity with NOENE®

NOENE® is not only an innovative material but, with the NOENE INSIDE® project, it becomes a true cooperation and project development partner.

The NOENE® material can be combined with many products to improve performance and quality in creating components and accessories:

  • for bikes: handlebars, grips, gloves, saddles, and insoles
  • for contact sports: gloves, protectors, elbow pads, and knee pads
  • for sports equipment: skateboards, snowboards, skis, and skates
  • for tennis: grips, tubulars, elbow pads, and wrist pads
  • for fitness: mats and machinery
  • for industrial items: precision instruments, scales, and containers
  • for the orthopaedic and health sector: insoles, heels, wheelchairs, and braces
  • For footwear, fashion, sports, accident prevention, fitness, and ski boots.

Bespoke insoles with NOENE® INSIDE

They comply with the many health, rehabilitation and well-being needs of people.

The creation of a bespoke insole calls for significant knowledge on anatomy, biomechanics of movement, materials, manual skills and experience.

NOENE® is the INDISPENSABLE and UNIQUE material for every Custom Insole because it protects against shock and vibration.

NOENE® INSIDE bespoke insoles meet the countless health, rehabilitation and wellness needs of users.

NOENE® INSIDE bespoke insoles are ideal for:

  • Ridig footwear and with little internal volume.
  • Sports footwear for high overload and impact shock hazard.
  • Footwear for functional recovery post-injury.
  • Safety or professional use footwear.

NOENE® INSIDE gives value to the work and professionalism of the Orthopaedic Technicians who choose the best for their patients/clients.